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Future-proof education vs Current Education

More of

  •  Personalized studying
  •  Projects
  •  Peer-to-peer learning
  •  Adaptive curriculum
  •  Learning

Getting rid of

  •  Deadlines
  •  Exams
  •  Teacher-to-student
  •  Formally defined curriculum
  •  Teaching

Why .. ?

peer-to-peer  vs  No classes

Peer-to-peer learning is the backbone of Turing College. There are no teachers. Only computers, desks, chairs and a community of students. Each student is learning to search for answers independently by asking colleague a question or simply googling a keyword in need.

project-based  vs  exam based

Students work on real-world projects instead of taking exams repeatedly. Studying at Turing College, everyone builds a portfolio and practices working in a team. During project-based learning students do not feel like they are studying or working. They are learning.

Personalized studying  vs  deadlines

Each person is unique and learns in his own way. Turing College students are free to choose from a variety of courses and projects. They select their specialization, and can change it in a matter of seconds without needing the permission from anyone.

adaptive  vs  formal

The fast changing world brings a lot of challenges to formal education. In Turing College, it takes no time to introduce a new study course or a project. Our learning process is automated, free of any regulations and does not require hiring extra teachers.

Be part of the change!

Who we are

Be part of the change!

Our Team

Tomas Moška


Co-Founder and Chairman of Turing Society. Experience in leading teams as a core team and CTO of Amsterdam startup Dashmote, which raised $500k. Tomas is a Startupbootcamp alumni, education and cyber security enthusiast who has also studied in 42 university in Paris.

Linas Būtėnas

Head of Education

Vice-dean of academic affairs and lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Vilnius university. Linas participates in the creation of national STEAM education network and national IT curriculum development for schools. He brings extensive knowledge of education.

Maksut Gavaz

Head of Community

Maksut has been leading the community of Turing Society in The Netherlands since day 1. Maksut is multi-lingual: fluent in Dutch, German, English, Turkish and moderate in Macedonian, Albanian, Spanish. He is a people’s person who also understands tech thoroughly.

Johan Ong

Head of Marketing

Creative marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience with top-tier international marketing firms. Johan is an active contributor to the Marketingfacts community, worked in educational innovation at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and is a blockchain and tech enthusiast by heart.

Gintautas Moška

Head of Infrastructure

Gintautas was one of the Project Leads of Lithuania’s introduction of Euro in 2015. He served as a Director of Services Department at the National Bank of Lithuania and brings extensive experience in managing infrastructure.

Benas Šidlauskas

Partnerships Manager

Co-founder and Board Member of Turing Society. Benas has worked with Invest Lithuania on Lithuanian Tech professionals network worldwide. Benas brings experience from Lewben group, where he was responsible for long-short algorithmic equity strategy sales, which now operates over 20 million USD.

Lukas Kaminskis

Project Manager

Co-Founder and Board Member of Turing Society. Studies in Harvard Extension School. Lukas has 5 years of experience working with communities. He Co-Organized Alternative Investment Forum, with a pool of investors worth 7 billion $.

Sandra Čerkauskaitė

Partner Relations

Sandra worked with MOOC programmes at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She has experience in managing brands through her work at Unilever and on various e-gaming projects. Sandra served in board of Rotterdam’s largest entrepreneurs community.


Nicolas Lymbouris

Cyber Security Adviser

Co-Founder of Base Cyber Security, based in Netherlands. Nicolas has extensive knowledge in security himself and a large network in the hacker community. Nicolas & his team helps Turing College to assure a safe & secure ICO.

Farshida Zafar

Education Adviser

Manager of Innovation & Online Education at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Farshida was recognised as the most influential game changer in the Dutch education landscape 2016 by SURF, organisation for Dutch education and research.

Arnoldas Pranckevičius

Policy Adviser

Head of EU Commission's Representation Office in Lithuania, Arnoldas is a former Adviser of EP President Martin Schulz on Eastern Partnership, Asia. Over 11 years of experience in European diplomatic arena. An influencer in Lithuanian politics.

Tomas Tumėnas

Financial Adviser

Tomas is a CFO of the Linas Agro Group. He has been recognized as the best CFO of 2016 in Lithuania. During his work at Linas Agro Group, yearly revenues have increased 3 over times. Tomas advises our team on financial planning & budgeting.

Toma Grinytė

Marketing & Communications Adviser

Toma Grinytė is a Google Partner Coordinator for Baltics responsible for large scale marketing activities. She has more than 8 years of experience in strategic communications with an extensive knowledge and proven ability to develop and lead educational projects from bottom up.

Nerijus Jurkus

Legal Adviser

Nerijus Jurkus is a Senior Associate at COBALT Lithuania. His advisory experience spans 15 years. Nerijus Jurkus has participated as a tax expert in the legal and tax due diligence of a number of companies.

Vytautas Kašėta

Blockchain & ICO Adviser

Blockchain & ICO Adviser. Former Head of IT and Maintenance division under Interior ministry of Lithuania. More than 10 years of experience in cybersecurity, e-government solutions.

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